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Reagan Lodge

In the past year our Emeritus Member, Francita Stuart Ulmer, has received two awards given in her honor - one from the Junior League of Houston for community service and the other from the Garden Club of America for Historic Preservation.

Reagan Lodge


historical marker at Reagan Lodge

The Harris County Historical Commission has begun to place QR Codes on our markers to enable visitors to read the entire narrative when the marker is viewed. Commission member James Ford heads the committee that is accomplishing this enormous task.


West Chapel Historical Marker


 Vice-Chairman of the HCHC, Christopher Varela heads a committee which restores Harris County markers that are in need.

HCHC 1st Quarter Marker Restoration Report for 2016

No markers were refinished or repaired in the 4th quarter of 2015

Current balance in HCHC budget is $2,271 with new balance of $5,000 to be effective, March 1, 2016.

Historical markers scheduled for refinishing in first quarter of 2016 include: the Samuel McCarley Homesite and the Houston City, Republic of Texas in Sam Houston Park. 

Contact us if you see a Harris County marker in need of attention! 

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