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2ND Annual Meeting  Saturday March 16, 2014  9am
                 Reagan Masonic Lodge First Floor
                             1606 Heights Blvd
                          Houston, Texas 77008

Call to order & welcome - Janet K. Wagner, Chairman

        Introduction of guests & County Representatives

I.                    Reagan Masonic Lodge MemberWelcome & Current Events

II.                  Montgomery County Chairman, Larry Foerster,  Discussion: New Montgomery County Historical  Chronology Book   by MCHC & published by Montgomery County.

III.                Minutes: -Secretary Susan Armstrong & Area Cemetery News

IV.                Committee and Historic Updates

Ø  Chris Varela –Vice Chairman:  Marker Restoration

Ø  Jan DeVault – San Jacinto Events & Conservancy

Ø  Paul Scott, C.R.M., C.A. – State Markers

Ø  James E. Fisher – Harris County Marker Inventory  / Website Documentation

Ø  Debra Sloan - Marker Dedications

Ø  Dr. Gayle Davies - – Harris County Marker Program

Ø  Nancy Burch – Speakers Bureau

Ø   Ann Becker – HCHC website

Ø  Wally Saage – Museum Events

Ø  Frank Salzhandler – Natural Heritage Program & History Activities

Ø  Trevia Beverly – Calendar & Announcements

Ø  Barbara Eaves – News Announcements –

Ø  Ed Chen:  Chinese Texans and Civil Rights Marker dedication

Ø  Charles Duke –Potential of HCHC 501c3.

Ø  Dr. Kenneth Brown – Cemetery Preservation

V.                   Old Business

VI.                New Business

Bernice Mistrot:  THC Project: Texas Treasure Business Award 

VII.             Announcements

VIII.           Adjourn




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